Mindful Listening

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child the following questions, one at a time:
    1. "When was a time you felt heard and listened to?" (If your child can not think of a time, ask them what it looks like if someone is listening to them.)
    2. "What did that person do to show you that they were listening?"
    3. "What does it feel like to be 'heard'?"
    4. "What does it feel like to listen to others with mindfulness, or with kind attention?"
  2. Explain that we can practice mindful listening, which means paying attention to one thing with kindness and curiosity. Our ability to listen mindfully can grow, like a superpower!
  3. Play "The Listening Game" video.
  4. Afterwards, ask, "What was it like to practice listening like they did in the video?"
  5. Tell your child that they will now create a mindful listening game with you. Together, you can write a script and perform a skit of how to play the mindful listening game, or you can create a video explaining how to play the game.
  6. Review the Mindful Listening Game worksheet together, and read through its instructions.
  7. Support your child in creating a mindful listening game.
  8. Then, help them create a skit or video explaining how to play the game.
  9. Finally, play the game with family members and friends!

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