Play Triangle Flash!: A Math Game

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What You Need:

  • Index Cards
  • Scissors
  • Marker

What You Do:

  1. Create the Triangle Flash cards: Cut an index card into a triangle. In each of the corners of the flash card write numbers belonging to a multiplication/division fact. For example if you write 63 at the top of the triangle, you would write 7 in one corner and 9 in another. Continue creating all the multiplication/division facts through nines.
  2. Play the game: Hold the card up for your child to see and place your thumb over one of the corners, covering a number. Your child should identify the number that is covered by recognizing the other uncovered numbers as part of the multiplication/division fact. Continue playing the game with the cards, varying which section you cover each time.
  3. Keep a record: While playing, keep a list of facts that yout child misses, or has a harder time remembering. On a different day, go back and practice those facts, covering different numbers as a way to practice both multiplication and division.

What's going on? Multiplication and division are known as "inverse" operations: one "undoes" the other. When kids are struggling to remember their math facts, it can be easy for them to lose track of this relationship. Triangle cards help them move back and forth easily, so that they're doing two important steps at once: memorizing math facts, and understanding how they work together. And in the process, you can expect your child to enjoy their fun and novelty, too!

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