Positive Reminders

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child, "What makes you unique? What are your interests, gifts, and talents?"
  2. Ask, "Will anyone be just like you? Why or why not?"
  3. Explain that no one has ever lived, and no one will ever be born who is just like them. 
  4. Ask your child to close their eyes or lower their gaze and to take a few deep breaths. 
  5. Guide them to place their hand on their heart and to notice their breathing at their heart center. 
  6. Tell them that you are going to shower them with kind messages of their goodness and positive qualities. 
  7. Say out loud positive phrases that describe their uniqueness, for example: "You are beautiful"..."You are kind"...
  8. Ask them to notice how they feel in their heart as they receive these loving messages. (Pause)
  9. Ask them to repeat each of the following phrases in their mind after you (feel free to use your own phrases): 
    • "I am beautiful."
    • "I am kind."
    • "I am loving."
    • "I am a good listener."
    • "I love myself just as I am."
  10. Ask them to notice how they feel in their heart. 
  11. Guide them to take a few deep breaths and to slowly open their eyes when they are ready. 
  12. Ask, "What was that like for you? How do you feel? What did you notice?"
  13. Explain that this may have been hard to do, and that this can be normal. 
  14. Explain that it is easier to think of the things that we are not good at, and that it is important to have daily reminders of all of the positive qualities we see in ourselves. 
  15. Review the Loving Kindness Notes worksheet with your child, and work together to create loving kindness notes to leave around the house!

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