You Are Not Alone

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Show your child some images that represent the word "diversity."
  2. Ask your child, "What do you notice about these photos? How do these photos make you feel?"
  3. Ask, "Can you think of a word that describes people with different skin colors, languages, and backgrounds?"
  4. Explain that one word is "diversity."
  5. Write this word down on a piece of paper.
  6. Ask, "How can we honor and learn from our differences and diversity? How can we celebrate what we have in common with people who may be different from us?"
  7. Explain that sometimes people may feel left out or alone in our community based on where they live or how they may look.
  8. Show them the video "Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom."
  9. Ask, "What is the common theme of the video?"
  10. Ask, "How can we support people in our community who may feel alone?"
  11. Share some examples from your own life that speak to how we can support people in the community who may feel alone.
  12. Review the 'You Are Not Alone' Project worksheet with your child, and support them in researching a local organization that helps people in the community not feel alone.
  13. Use the worksheet to plan the visit and support information gathering.
  14. Once your child visits the organization, have them use their graphic organizer to share what they learned and their plan of support with the rest of your family!

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