8 Treats for Valentine's Day

Partner with your pint-sized sous chef to create these colorful concoctions!

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Bake a Batch of Crispy Kisses

Chocolate rice krispie treats get a fun spin in our recipe. Make chocolate rice krispie treats shaped like chocolate kisses for a special Valentine's Day treat.
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Concoct a Pitcher of Love Punch!

At your next Valentine's Day celebration, your fifth grader can show family and friends she loves them with some fresh, fruity drinks--made from scratch!
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Make Heart-y Breakfast Toast

Make Valentine's Day breakfast special with this 'hearty' egg and toast recipe. This Valentine's Day breakfast gets a special twist with a heart-shaped egg.
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Bake Yummy Cookie Pops

Help your child make these tasty treats for someone with a sweet tooth. These cookie pops are not only fun and delicious, but they're quick to make, too!
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Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Raspberry hot chocolate is a sweat treat for your young valentine. Pink and delicious, this raspberry hot chocolate makes the perfect Valentine's Day drink.
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Bake a Batch of Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Heart-shaped pancakes at a gourmet flair to your breakfast. Makes these heart-shaped pancakes on Valentine's Day or anyday when you're feeling the love.
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Make Homemade Truffles

Even chocolate can make an appearance in kindergarten math. These truffles are truly easy to make and add a bit of decadence to math practice!
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Brew Cinnamon Candy Cider

This easy apple cider adds cinnamon candies to give it a spicy kick for Valentine's Day.
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