Got Grammar? 8 Fun Exercises

Like a rebel without a clause, your grammar guru will soon be a master of wordplay after completing these awesome grammar activities.

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Sentence Stretchers: A Writing Tool

Here's a fun activity that will give your child a way to develop his sentences, making them more detailed and interesting.
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An Adverb Acting Game

Here's an adverb acting game that will have your child hungrily, unceasingly, enthusiastically learning!
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Play Vocabulary Bingo

Looking for a way to make vocab practice a little more engaging? This easy twist on the classic game is a great way to build your child's vocabulary.
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Grammar Guide

Here's a review of some common (and commonly confused) grammar terms, as well as a quick activity to apply them to reading and writing.
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Build Vocabulary by Breaking it Down!

Here's a cheat sheet to help break down words in order to find their meaning.
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Make Mix-and-Match Poetry Dice

Confused about clauses? Get the concept to stick by helping your middle schooler make mix-and-match poetry dice filled with independent and dependent clauses.
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Go Direct for Better Paragraphs

If your child's paragraphs need to transition from out-of-order to organized and smooth, try this simple, real-life activity.
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Create a Comic Strip

Communicating using the written word doesn't have to be tough! It can be as simple and fun as composing a comic strip.
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