Hands-On Hanukkah: 8 Crafts to Do Right Now

Check out these enjoyable crafts that are perfect for keeping little hands and minds busy throughout the Festival of Lights.

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Dreidel Card

Make a dreidel card this Hanukkah to give to someone special and help your child celebrate the holiday!
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Tzedakah Box

Make a Tzedakah box with your child to collect money for his favorite charity. This Jewish Tredakah box is a great way to teach your child about giving.
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Dreidel Craft

This dreidel craft gets your child to make the spinning top out of a milk carton. Make an upcycled dreidel craft with your child this Hanukkah.
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Make a Yarmulke for Your Teddy Bear

Make a yarmulke for your teddy bear and celebrate The Festival of Lights with this fun craft project.
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Star of David Ornament

Make a Star of David ornament with your child this holiday season. This Star of David ornament is a beautiful and inexpensive homemade gift for Hanukkah.
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Dreidel Ornament

This dreidel ornament makes a sparkling spinning top out of popsicle sticks. Make this dreidel ornament and get ready for Hanukkah.
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Family Photo Calendar

This family photo calendar can be made by your second grader. Make a family photo calendar with your child to celebrate another year together.
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Hanukkah Stamps

Hanukkah stamps help you decorate anything from cards to gifts to wrapping paper. Make your own Hanukkah stamps out of potatoes.
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