7 Leafy Crafts for Fall

The weather is cooling down and the colors are changing. Head outside to gather the supplies you'll need for these hands-on crafts that celebrate the return to autumn.

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Make a Leaf Crown

This fall, make a leaf crown that will encourage creative play and your child's interest in the natural world while you help her build fine motor skills.
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Make Leaf Rubbing Animals

Create a fun fall leaf rubbing with your child to explore shapes and textures this Thanksgiving.
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Make a Leaf Banner

This nature craft is a great way for your child to learn about the fall season and make a festive decoration to display in your home.
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Make a Leaf Lion

Be the mane attraction by creating a lion out of leaves! This wild craft keeps kids engaged and makes for fabulous art.
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Make a Leaf Pattern Print

This crafty activity will help your child develop an understanding of important math concepts like patterning and spatial awareness.
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Make an Autumn Leaf Colllection

Help your preschooler learn science and math skills like sorting, sequencing, and ordering while taking a nature walk and collecting and collaging leaves.
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Make a Nature Rubbing

Your preschooler wonât need a passport to go on this nature safari! All you need are paper, crayons and a nature trail or your back yard.
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