8 Fun Paint Projects

Your kid will have a blast painting with these creative projects!

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Reverse Glass Painting

Encourage your third-grader to create a reverse glass painting. This will help him learn art concepts and improve his critical thinking skills.
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Painting Clay Flower Pots

Create a face of a person or animal on a small terra cotta flower pot and grow herbs or a flowered plant for their hair! As the herbs grow, the hair grows.
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Still Life Painting for Kids

Kids paint a still life of a vase of flowers using colors found side by side on the color wheel, just like Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers.
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Hand Stamp Baby Footprints

Your child will create adorable baby footprints using his hand and fingers!
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Fauvist Painting

Your child can be a Fauvist painter using bright colors and his imagination to create wild artwork!
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Watercolor Fireworks

Fireworks are such an exciting part of part of summer festivities, but it's sad when the show is over. Keep them alive all year long with watercolor fireworks.
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Flower Prints

Take advantage of the spring and summer sun in this arts and crafts activity that has your second grader creating pretty flower prints.
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Dream Dot Painting

Have your child practice one of the oldest art forms in a modern way. She'll make her own Aboriginal dot painting, deriving inspiration from her dreams!
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