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Throughout the year there are many reasons to celebrate. From the changing of seasons to national and religious holidays, we have all kinds of ideas that will help your young learner get in a celebratory mood. While creating, gaming, and crafting kids will learn more about the holidays and the times of year that have cultural significance. Our holiday activities are also a great way to introduce your child to more obscure holidays as well as holidays that are widely celebrated around the world.

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This paper mache snowman is a unique winter craft for kids. Use this paper mache snowman to show your child the wonders of this three-dimensional art form.
Ombre art is all the rage. Help your young artist learn all about tints and shades while creating a piece of art to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day
Celebrate Passover with our favorite kid-friendly recipes (including chocolate-covered matzo!) and educational crafts.
Fabric Projects
Make a seed bomb and let your junior guerilla gardener spread flowers far and wide.
Fourth Grade
These gorgeous emerald green cupcakes are topped with a taffy rainbow and marshmallow fluff clouds for extra luck.
St. Patrick's Day
First Grade
If you're looking for a fun way to have your child gain practice pattern-making while working out fine motor skills, making Washi eggs is the perfect activity.
Second Grade
Have your child make a giant red poppy out of tissue paper in remembrance of the brave soldiers who served, especially those who died serving their countries.
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Make a planter full of delicious seasonings and classic grilling vegetables, great for a Fatherâs Day gift or a fun start-of-summer outdoor activity.
Father's Day
Fourth Grade
Help your child observe Veterans Day by having him create a paper chain American flag; it's a fun and crafty way to show your patriotism.
Veterans Day
First Grade
Have a festive Halloween with these great activities for you and your kindergartner.
Get printable Father's Day cards, homemade gift ideas, and activities to do with Dad on his special day.
Father's Day
Printable Board Games
Teach your child about the importance of Labor Day by helping her learn about the different hats that are worn by workers in various occupations.
Labor Day
First Grade
Help your child create her own version of a Moroccan lantern to give her room an Arabian nights feel!
Third Grade
Here are some fun activities to get you and your kids ready for the fall season!

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