Washi Tape Art

What You Need:

  • Mini canvas (Go big, if you dare!)
  • Washi tape in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Scissors (optional)

What You Do:'

  1. Ask your child if she wants her canvas to be a portrait or a landscape "painting" and set it down accordingly.
  2. Have her tell you her plan for a palette. Does she want to create something really colorful, or limit her color palette?
  3. Pull out the Washi tape and tell her to get ready to "paint" her canvas! She can use as much, or as little tape as she likes to create her masterpiece.
  4. For straight edges, have her use a pair of scissors to cut the tape. Or, leave the tape edges rough, giving the piece an expressive flair. She can also choose to run the tape over the edges, so they become part of her finished work of art.
  5. When she's finished, hang it on a wall for everyone to enjoy!

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