Holidays & Seasons Activities

Throughout the year there are many reasons to celebrate. From the changing of seasons to national and religious holidays, we have all kinds of ideas that will help your young learner get in a celebratory mood. While creating, gaming, and crafting kids will learn more about the holidays and the times of year that have cultural significance. Our holiday activities are also a great way to introduce your child to more obscure holidays as well as holidays are widely celebrated around the world.

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This heart chain will help spread the love on Valentine's Day. Help your child make a colorful heart chain for your home or classroom this Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day
This fall, make a leaf crown that will encourage creative play and your child's interest in the natural world while you help her build fine motor skills.
Working together in the kitchen to make a milkshake is a great way to bond with your child and get him excited about the Irish holiday.
St. Patrick's Day
Third Grade
Everyone needs to stay warm during the cold winter months, including your cup of cocoa! This mug cozy will do the trick.
Fifth Grade
Have a festive Halloween with these great activities for you and your kindergartner.
Make a beautiful waxed Easter egg relief drawing for a lesson in this unique art technique.
Make a rainbow chain for St. Patrick's day to introduce your child to Roy G. Biv.
St. Patrick's Day
Make an initiation shield like the ones from the Kikuyu tribe in Africa for an art project that gets kids to reflect on different cultures!
Black History Month
Fourth Grade
Want to give craft time a little pop and sizzle? Try this colorful painting craft that uses one of our favorite toys--a Koosh ball!
July 4th/Independence Day
Cookie, snow globe or puzzle? This holiday cookie is all three! Celebrate the holidays with this puzzle cookie, a crafty twist on a delicious dessert.
The Holiday Season
Here are some fun activities to get you and your kids ready for the fall season!
Lunch is always better when you share it with a wise companion This wide-eyed owl craft is a great way for your growing learner to practice cutting shapes.
First Grade
Help your middle schooler 'map' her complicated day. It's a simple job with big payoffs that will last all through the year!
Back to School
Middle School
Make a beautiful - and realistic looking - sunflower using sunflower seeds and a paper plate with this fun kindergarten arts and crafts project.

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