Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape crafts turn household objects into cool DIY items! The nearly-indestructible duct tape makes a great base for many crafts because it's simple to use, strong, and comes in a range of colors. Duct tape crafts include duct tape wallets, shiny and strong bracelets, large-sized building blocks, musical instruments, and more! Kids will love seeing their duct tape crafts result in useable objects to play with and use. Try these duct tape crafts with your DIY-enthusiast!

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Try this fun preschool arts and crafts activity: make art by grating colored chalk over a sheet of buttermilk-painted paper. Watch as it sparkles!
Painting & Drawing
Develop map skills and other handy knowledge the old school way!
Third Grade
This project will showcase spring's freshest flowers and help your child contribute to the seder.
First Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Take a look at these activities that celebrate sound. Your kid will love these sonorous ideas, and the homemade instruments are sure to be a hit.
Third Grade
Introduce kindergarteners to this group of fascinating little creatures with these buggy activities and crafts. Soon they'll be clamoring for even more bug-filled fun.
Here's a fun math activity for your preschooler: play Sock Sort and help your pre-kindergartener recognize her numbers!
Sorting & Categorizing
Help your child create a working model of the lung that fills with air just like the lungs inside of his own chest.
Fourth Grade
Life Science
This fun, think-outside-the-box activity lets kids learn about gravity and basic scientific concepts.
Recycled Crafts
Muah-hahaha, it's time for a little mad science! Help your child think outside the box and inside her very own science lab with this week's activities. Loads of fun and packed with learning for science lovers and non-science lovers alike, this week's ideas will show your child the amazing side of science.
The 5 Senses
Simple Experiments
Your second grader will love this simple soda bottle race car activity. Make a ramp and customize your car for an entertaining way to learn scientific concepts.
Second Grade
Physical Science
Has your child ever asked you how a submarine works? Here's a simple bathtub project that will make for a hands-on answer.
Third Grade
Physical Science

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