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Throughout the year there are many reasons to celebrate. From the changing of seasons to national and religious holidays, we have all kinds of ideas that will help your young learner get in a celebratory mood. While creating, gaming, and crafting kids will learn more about the holidays and the times of year that have cultural significance. Our holiday activities are also a great way to introduce your child to more obscure holidays as well as holidays are widely celebrated around the world.

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Find yourself waffling when your kid asks for a new winter craft? Try your hand at this textured snowman art project for a new twist on painting.
Instead of giving friends and family a store bought fruitcake you can make your own this year with your favorite ingredients!
The Holiday Season
Fifth Grade
Stay active over summer vacation with this fun take on the old favorite Red Rover!
Fourth Grade
This Thanksgiving cornucopia makes a great addition to any dining table because once youâre done looking at it, you can dig in and eat it!
Fourth Grade
This first grade science activity brings the green grass of early spring inside while teaching your child about the cycles of growth.
First Grade
Make clothing battles a thing of the past by allowing your second grader to design his own dress-up shirt out of an ultra-comfy t-shirt for New Year's.
New Year
Second Grade
To channel your child's revolutionary ambitions, introduce her to the political process, and encourage her to campaign for her cause!
Political/Voting/Civic Holidays & Occasions
Middle School
A valentine wreath brightens up any home on Valentine's Day. Craft a pretty valentine wreath out of colorful chocolate kisses.
Valentine's Day
Fourth Grade
Keep your holiday memories safe in this crafty photo box, handmade by your child, that's decorated with the signs of the season,
Second Grade
Flip your way into the fall season with this easy and delicious pumpkin pancake recipe that your child can make on weekend mornings!
Fourth Grade
In this activity, you can spend time with your child while creating your own gift tags.
Middle School
Learn about nature while creating a nest for baby chicks with this project that is a fun way to explore how to layer shapes and create texture.
Second Grade

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