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Activities for Kids

Looking for kids activities to show your child the fun side of learning? From science experiments and math games to writing projects and more, we've got you covered!

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The elegance of a glitter vase will rival the flowers inside it! Help your child craft this artsy gift as a special gift for a loved one.
Fifth Grade
Recycled Crafts
Fight dragons, build castles, wave magic wands and head to far-off lands with this week's batch of fantastical ideas. Classic fables like The Frog Prince and Little Red Riding Hood (and everything in between!) set the stage for loads of foundational reading practice, and make room for kids to write their own adventures, too.
Fairy Tales
Introduce kindergarteners to this group of fascinating little creatures with these buggy activities and crafts. Soon they'll be clamoring for even more bug-filled fun.
Develop map skills and other handy knowledge the old school way!
Third Grade
Watch science play out in front of your very eyes with these activities.
Second Grade
Physical Science
Looking for a creative way to channel the Halloween spirit? Try these 10 kid-friendly activities, complete with creepy crafts, ghoulish games and hair-raising recipes!
Third Grade
Build your child's math skills with this 2nd-3rd grade activity. Similar to a carnival toss, this egg carton toss game is sure to provide hours of fun.
Third Grade
Help your child stay physically and mentally active with this group aerobic fitness game that's good for the heart and mind alike.
Your third grader will love both recreating and dressing up as his favorite reptile with this frightening crocodile jaw costume!
Third Grade
Construction & Sculpture
Use simple items to create a kindergarten 'grow box' that lets a kid see just how salad plants send down their roots and grow underground.
Construction & Sculpture
Sneak in a little math practice with these fun games, perfect for beginning counters.
Counting & Numbers
Help your fifth grader execute this experiment involving a lit candle (submerged in water!) to show him the wonders of heat energy transference.
Fifth Grade
Physical Science

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