Guided Lessons

The Learning Resources You Love, Now Organized into Step-by-Step Lessons

Now our curriculum designers and expert teachers have organized our huge library of diverse learning resources into lessons - making it easier for parents and teachers to support their child’s learning.

Guided Lessons build on each other, covering 800+ foundational skills in Math, Reading, and Writing from Pre-K all the way through 5th grade.
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Many Opportunities to Learn

Guided Lessons combine learning resources that encompass different strategies like listening to songs, playing games, or practicing exercises. Each lesson engages all of your child’s senses – making it easier to understand concepts.
The different resource types give parents and teachers the flexibility to teach in ways that work best for them – offline, online, in the classroom, or outside!
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Learning Reports for You,
Points & Badges for Them

As your child learns with Guided Lessons, you’ll be able to track their progress – and receive valuable information on your child’s performance with recommendations for additional resources to help them along.

Your kid also gets feedback with our awards system, complete with points and badges that motivate them to keep learning from start to finish.
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Safe & Immersive Kid Experience

In addition to the awards system, your kids enter a safe, ad-free, and fun world that motivates them through a path of lessons that build on each other, giving them the best opportunity to focus and excel. View Math Lessons View Reading & Writing Lessons

Search for Lessons by Grade & Subject

Search through over 100 lessons by grade and subject. You’ll find lessons that cover all major skills like 2-Digit Addition and Multiplication in Math or Sight Words and Subject-Verb Agreement in Reading and Writing. View Math Lessons View Reading & Writing Lessons

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